Massage Treatments

Fit to Flex offer a range of massage treatments, so there really is something for everyone, whether you need to target a specific problem or are just looking for some relaxation. Your therapist is fully qualified and insured, and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Swedish Body Massage

Using firm, slow, flowing and rhythmical techniques and movements, which are great for pure therapeutic relaxation, Swedish Body Massage dissolves tension in the body and mind to leave you feeling calm and balanced. Slightly faster and more vigorous movements can relieve tired, overworked muscles, boosting circulation, aiding lymphatic drainage and leaving you re-energised.

  • Full Body Swedish Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Swedish Body Massage
  • Massage
  • Full Body Massage In a personalised massage, following discussion with your therapist, areas covered in a one hour treatment are legs, arms, back, neck and shoulders. Other areas which can be treated in a longer session include gluteals, abdomen, scalp and face.

  • Your therapist will consult with you and decide the most beneficial type of body massage for you. Upper Body Massage concentrates on the back, neck and shoulders which is an area particularly prone to muscular tension, aches and pains. Lower Body Massage concentrates on the whole of the leg, from buttock to toe revitalising your legs for another day of activity. If necessary, specialised movements to specifically target lymphatic circulation can be used.

From £40.00 (One Hour)

Sports Massage

Deep and powerful massage techniques, which are more dynamic and intensive than basic Swedish Massage, focus on relieving specific stress and muscle tension. This customised massage can warm and loosen tight muscles, relieve areas of tension, enhance flexibility, and flush away body toxins from congested skin and tired muscles. It can aid in rehabilitation following injury and speed recovery after training or competition.

  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Injury Massage
  • Rehabilitation Massage
  • Pain relief massage
  • Initial Sports Massage This includes a consultation to ascertain the area needing treatment, including a full medical history, Range of Movement assessment and muscle testing; appropriate treatment; and advice on posture, stretching and muscle strengthening exercises.

Up to 90 minutes £50

  • Follow-up Sports Massage Continuing treatment of problem area.

60 minutes £40

Indian Head Massage

An extremely relaxing yet stimulating massage using techniques adapted from those originally used in the traditional, Indian Ayervedic way of life. This upper body treatment is performed with you in a seated position and fully clothed (wearing a lightweight t-shirt is best). Oils are optional and at your discretion following the initial consultation. Using firm, yet gentle, rhythms the treatment starts by warming and massaging the upper back, shoulders and neck to unblock tension. This is followed by a reviving scalp massage to relax, de-stress and improve circulation, and a soothing face massage using pressure points and lymphatic drainage techniques. The treatment finishes with upper body Chakra balancing.

  • Indian Head Massage
  • Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is perfect for promoting a calm mind and stress-free body, and maintaining optimum health. It leaves you feeling relaxed, revitalised and invigorated and may help with headaches, sinus congestion and shoulder and neck tension as well as improving scalp and hair condition.

Approximately 40 minutes £30

Can everyone benefit from massage?

Massage is suitable for most people but there are certain conditions where you should avoid massage and your therapist will advise you of these. All treatments start with a consultation so that the therapist can be sure that Massage is right for you. In some instances your doctor’s permission may be required before treatment can commence, such as high blood pressure or recent surgery. Individual, confidential records will be kept with relevant notes for any future treatments.

Your therapist will also explain what will happen during your massage with regard to how you dress, oils and creams used, the position you may need to adopt for the different forms of massage, and how to ensure maximum benefit following any treatment.